August 21, 4pm GMT

Breaking Silos - Effective Collaboration Across Brands & Agencies

Bryan Rhoads
Director of Strategy, Opal
Vanessa Hammer
Digital Traffic Manager, Bonfire Marketing Company
Joe Saylor
Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist, Intel
Ray Rahmati
Senior Market Director, Spredfast
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How can a marketing collaboration platform, global brand and social media agency collaborate to create content?

Learn how top teams benefit from powerful platforms like Spredfast & Opal, but how they have developed new practices that incorporate technology into their process, together.

More effective collaboration is key to answering the demand for increased complexity in our roles as marketers and communicators. Improved visibility across teams, better alignment to strategy and more efficient behaviors are some of the techniques that we can adopt today to help break down silos.

Join Spredfast in conversation with Opal, Intel & Bonfire Marketing on 21st August as they share first hand methods and advanced practices towards more effective collaboration that run modern brands.

This session is free to attend & will kick off at 4:00pm GMT (10am CST).